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Script of this because it’s just great

This scene with N in BW2 has shot up in my favorite Pokemon game scenes. Thought I would share it…. Obviously, spoilers after the readmore so be advised.

"So you came. This place is… Team Plasma’s Castle. The ruins of Ghetsis’s dreams."
Anyway, the good part starts after you agree to be lead to the deepest part of the castle, “the most important place in the world to me” according to N.

(starting around :30)

N: ……Here…. this place was my world.
When I was a child, I was left deserted deep in the forest. And the ones who raised me then, were the Pokemon in that forest.
Then it happened one day, a man appeared before me, calling himself my parent. That was Ghetsis.

He gave me the name “Harmonia.”
The great amount of knowledge as the King, shut my heart tighter and tighter, and then I could not even speak with Pokemon.
And this room….. I’m going outside.

Come! Please lead me.
….(after going around and getting the items around the scene, go up the stairs…..)

Here, I consulted the Goddesses about my troubles as a person …. I was taught many kinds of information by the Seven Sages….
This is the destination….. Come on! Keep going please…..

There! What happened 2 years ago
For Pokemon…. In order to make an ideal world….
I battled a certain trainer in order to enforce my beliefs! ….And when I was defeated! I understood something important at the same time! To be accepting of ideas that are different in order to enrich the world.*
If that is the formula for changing the world, then I will accept ideas that are different…..
Are you a trainer with a heart as strong as that too?  I want to find out. Come! Zekrom!

N: How much of a Trainer are you? What kind of dream is your desire?
Zekrom seems to want to know too. Battle with me…… Are you prepared for that? Then show me! How prepared you are!! 

Come at me bro.

The love overflowing from your whole body for Pokemon! I felt it!! Sure you did N.

N: Zekrom and I have been defeated.
Your emotions
Your feelings of wanting to know the truth
They have exceeded ours.
When I was battling you guys, it reminded me of 2 years ago…
It’s still just a little, but, I was able to understand you…. I have that sort of feeling.

N: And now, Zekrom
For all you’ve done, thanks.
The journey with you has been so amazing!
From now on, it’s for his benefit, in order for him to fulfill his dreams, that you use your power….!

Even I can get lonely.
However, your job is showing people the way to fulfill their dreams
I have been taught many different things by you.
And those things, I am going to teach to other people, by my own effort.
It’s all right!
I can speak with Pokemon!
Yes! I am determined to become a mediator between Pokemon and people….. That is my dream!!

(He says this and puts Zekrom back in the dark stone)
____! To you! I entrust this Dark Stone!
Take that Dark Stone and go to the Dragon Spiral Tower with it please!
As for me….

I am going to search for the Trainer from 2 years ago.
And…. Thanks.
I plan to share my teachings (as I said).

Anyway, hope you enjoyed. Again, I’m trying to make things less literal and more of a good balance, so hopefully you like the style.
*This can also mean that agreeing with something disagreed with….